Onderwerp : Lucius Vasilis
Datum : 11-11-2004


Lucius Vasilis

Lucius Vasilis was a faithful paladin in the service of Sune, until the death of his unrequited love Shandalara Sindertal (former High Priestess of Sune).
It all started when Shandalara chose Roland over Lucius. She had never shown any interst in Lucius, yet only a few scant hours after meeting Roland for the first time they fell in bed with each other! It was hate at first sight for Lucius.
When Shadalara was mutilated by Roland he thought his chance had come to prove his love for Shandalara. He stood by her when she was cast down as high priestess. He stood at her side during Roland’s formal reading. He was there when she needed a shoulder to cry on. Despite her deformity, he still loved her. Yet it was not enough. She took her life rather than be with him, or, perhaps rather than being without Roland.

For days anger seethed through the young paladin. He cursed the very existance of Roland Severus. Late one night as he paced the floor in his room at the temple, he was visited by a servant of Sune herself. She bade Lucius to seek out Roland and slay him for the affrontery of Sune and to avenge the death of a most revered priestess.
Needless to say, those were the exact words Lucius wanted to hear. Filled with holy wrath he fell into a satisfied sleep for the first time in weeks.
Obvious to all except poor Lucius was the fact that simply isn’t Sune’s way of handling things. In truth he had been visited by an Eryines disguised as a celestial agent. This eryines just happened to be in the service of Cyric, the Lord or Tyranny and Hatred. Seeing an obvious chance to sway another disillusioned paladin to his cause, Cyric sent his servant to tell Lucius exactly what he needed to hear.
Even now in his sleep Lucius dreamed of Roland’s death at his hands, forever becoming a Blackguard and servant of the Dread Lord Cyric. Lucius simply doesn’t know it yet…or does he?






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