Onderwerp : The Paladin's Oath
Auteur : Tom Gerrets
Datum : 01-03-2004


The Paladin's Oath


I,_______________________________, vow on my life, word, and sword, to uphold the laws of my god and the code of the paladin. I will defend those who are in need as well as those who have my protection; I will conduct myself with compassion, valour, and truth at all times. I do not seek gain nor glory for myself, for it is my god who will reward me when the battle is done. These duties I take up willingly, in my god’s name, amen.


  1. Thou art honour bound to keep thy word when given. (Be careful what you promise.)
  2. Thou art honour bound to protect and defend the weak and innocent. (Looks can be deceiving. Do not be naive.)
  3. Thou art honour bound to help those in need. (This does not mean every beggar in existence.)
  4. Thou must conduct thyself in a chivalrous manor. (Chivalry is NOT dead.)
  5. Thou must conduct thyself with honour. (This does NOT mean you can take offence if someone dishonours YOU.)
  6. Thou must show courage in the face of adversity. (Sometimes it is WISER to retreat than to attack.)
  7. Thou art duty bound to thy god, thy people, and thyself, in that order. (If your god asks you to do something, and a friend wants you to do something else, and you don’t want to do either…)
  8. Thou art duty bound to uphold the oath of the paladin. (Remember what I said about making promises?)
  9. Thou art duty bound to fight for truth, justice, and honour, for these show the way of the light. (Not all fights are done with swords… the pen has been known to be mightier than the sword, at times.)
  10. Thou art bound by your god to obey his laws, defend what is holy, and avenge those you protect. (This has a lot of leeway.)



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